ZF opens ZF WABCO Digital Solutions centre in Bangalore.

ZF today inaugurated its state-of-the-art Digital Solutions Center in Bangalore, reinforcing the Group’s commitment to India. Further advancing ZF’s Next Generation Mobility vision, the investment is another validation of India’s importance as a digital solutions hub within the global automotive industry.

Using machine learning to manage fuel consumption

Machine Learning in the telematics industry can have a significant impact on fleet management, showing the way to more detailed predictive analysis and add tremendous value to total cost of operation (TCO), fuel consumption management, vehicle safety and predictive maintenance in fleet operations.

AssetTrackr -Taking FMS to the next level

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of WABCO, AssetTrackr can fulfill WABCO’s motto – Global Solutions, Local Expertise – by continuing to cater to the needs of their OE and aftermarket clients for fleet management solutions.

AssetTrackr’s innovative fleet management solutions in demand.

With fleet operators increasingly taking to technology and switching over to more organized fleet management methods, concepts like vehicle tracking are beginning to get popular in the Indian market. AssetTrackr, a Bangalore-based company, offers intelligent and efficient fleet management solutions which are growing in popularity and demand among commercial vehicle fleet companies and passenger cab operators, among others.

SN Balasubramaniam along with AssetTrackr, a company which specialises in providing GPS tracking solutions is piloting with BBMP to use vehicle tracking along with RFID machine and web camera to provide a hi-tech waste management solution to the problem. The pilot will be started in Domlur, during which two mini – tipper trucks will be fitted with the device. Each household will be provided with a RFID card. After handing over the household waste, residents will have to swipe their card, which records the waste as being collected from the respective household. The pilot will be done for around 2000 houses during which the vehicle will stop at every house between 7am and 2.30 pm. The vehicle trip along with household stoppage time and duration will be captured and displayed on Google Maps by AssetTrackr.

GMR group leverages AssetTrackr’s advanced GPS tracking solution to monitor their Emergency Response Units (ERU) and direct the nearest unit to accident sites. Each ERU comprises of a Patrol vehicle, Ambulance, Sweeping Vehicle and a Towing Truck. GMR operations center monitors these units centrally using AssetTrackr tracking solution. A map-tiles view shows the locations of all these units on a central monitoring console. When an emergency call is received from a calling booth (spaced every 2 KMs), the software automatically identifies the location and the nearest Emergency Response Units (ERU).

Transit Aids(, Bangalore based car rental company provides a wide range of vehicles for personal and corporate needs.

The biggest pain point for car rental business in India is inconsistent and undependable service. It is a highly fragmented and disorganized industry plagued by challenges like drivers not reporting on time, late arrivals at pickup points, reckless driver behavior and vehicle misuse.

In order to maintain high standards of reliable service, Transit Aids was looking for a vehicle tracking solution to manage their fleet. With AssetTrackr’s fleet management solution, Transit Aids is able to automate dispatch, locate and track cabs in real time, analyze driver behavior and optimize fuel usage and curb fuel pilferage. Installing AssetTrackr’s tracking device in their cabs has allowed Transit Aids to save considerable cost on fuel expenses and optimizing workforce. Once a customer places a call requesting a rental, Operations team uses AssetTrackr’s real time location finder to trace the nearest cab in the vicinity and direct them to the pickup point. This ensures on-time pickups for customers.

Transit Aids relies on AssetTrackr integrated solution to curb instances of vehicle misuse and reckless driver behavior. For example, with stoppage detections on the trip report, Transit Aids was able to identify cases where the driver claimed reimbursement for Airport parking, but never parked the car.

After initial trials, Transit Aids perceived the value in adopting the solution and decided to deploy AssetTrackr tracking device to their entire fleet. Transit Aids uses AssetTrackr RestAPI interface to tightly integrate with their ERP system and handle all movement of their fleet, notification to customers on estimated pick-up/drop-off times. “AssetTrackr fleet management solution has helped Transit Aids automate dispatch, identify and check vehicle misuse, cut down on fuel expense and optimize their workforce”, says Harish B, Managing Director of Transit Aids.

Paytm, an online recharge service provider which also entered the bus ticketing space in December 2012, has unveiled a GPS tracking feature to determine the exact location of a bus in real time. The new feature has been launched in association with, a Bangalore-based startup that monitors bus location in real time and sends the information via SMS.

This feature is launched in partnership with YourBus & Asset Tracker who provide in-bus GPS tracking solution.

redBus has launched “Live tracking of buses” based on real time GPS updates from bus. While booking your next bus journey, will show you which all buses provide you with “Live Tracking”.

This feature is launched in partnership with YourBus & AssetTrackr who provide In-Bus GPS tracking solution.

AssetTrackr Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore-based company providing personal vehicle tracking solutions, has secured $500,000 from three angel investors, its founder told TechCircle.The investors are Kiran Basani, CEO, AddOnUSA, a US-based enterprise technology company; Prasad BVN, VP (sales operations & business consulting APAC), Aspen Technology, a manufacturing and supply chain management software firm; and an unnamed angel investor based out of the US.

“We will use the fund for product development and marketing,” said Ashok Yerneni, founder and CEO, AssetTrackr.

AssetTrackr Pvt Ltd, providing vehicle tracking solutions, has raised $500,000 from three angel investors reports TechCircle. The company has received funding from Kiran Basani, the CEO of AddOnUSA, an American enterprise solutions company, Prasad BVN, VP (sales operations & business consulting APAC), Aspen Technology which is a supply chain software company and another U.S based investor.